Book Talk: I Believe In You – The Incredible Journey of R&B Legend Johnnie Taylor

I Believe In You: The Incredible Journey of R&B Legend Johnnie Taylor. With author Greg Hasty.

Johnnie Taylor was an enigma. This soul, gospel, and blues sensation had two dynamic life forces, each battling for a stronghold. He was a victim of the back-and-forth face-off between his faith background in the church and his prestigious occupation, overindulgent lifestyle, and unorthodox upbringing. Despite his inner turmoil, he grew into a consummate entertainer who dazzled thousands on stage and sold millions of records.



In I Believe in You, author Gregory Hasty, with T.J. Hooker Taylor, Johnnie’s son, offers a carefully researched account—the first written narrative of the renowned entertainer. It shares his unique essence as a father, husband, friend, and other-world performer. This biography captures thoughts and memories from his children, former girlfriends, devoted friends, and professional associates and sheds light on his many admirable qualities, despite the nature, degree, and number of challenges he faced.

I Believe in You celebrates Johnnie’s achievements, his battles, and his many victories. For sixty years, he graced the stage and traveled the country entertaining devoted fans and will always remain in the annals of music history as the “Philosopher of Soul.”